Modern Combat 4 - Meltdown


Intervention - Fast and incisive
Excels in offense and catching foes off-guard. This is the perfect specialization for opportunistic players who are always on the move, picking off enemies one at a time.+25 XP and credits when performing kill assists.
Front line - Strong and Powerful
A durable soldier specialized in front-line combat. This is a good choice for aggressive players who usually rush into danger.Get +50 XP and Credits for performing melee kills.
Demolition - Demolition
Experts in the use of explosives, these tough soldiers are capable of stopping an armored tank by themselves. This is an excellent specialization for players who like to lure their enemies into traps. It is also a great specialization to use in Destruction mode.Get +50 XP and credits for performing kills with explosives and grenades.
Stealth - Sneaky and deadly
Excels in taking out targets without being seen. This is a good specialization for players who play defensively and avoid direct confrontation when possible. +50 for headshot kills
Support - Resourceful
Smart soldier capable of using and countering dirty tactics. This is a good choice for players who think of the team before themselves. +75 XP and credits when accomplishing objectives (flag or zone captures, etc).