Modern Combat 4 - Meltdown



Discover intense new battlefields! Each map is specifically designed to provide a wealth of different strategies and combat situations. This section covers everything you need to know about each of these new locations.
Discover them!


Play one of the classic game modes or dive into one of the new symmetric team-based modes.

Different game modes often make use of maps in different ways, so refer to the maps section of the guide to engineer your strategy.


The specialization system is a new feature in MC4 that replaces the traditional skills and equipment. While they don't dramatically change the game, specializations offer an array of bonuses designed to complement different play styles and create better synergy within a team.


Throwing weapons give any soldier an edge in combat, whether they're used for killing or for incapacitating enemies. Discover the ones we have in store for you in MC4.

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Select your weapon of choice within 6 categories and customize it with the attachment system. Weapons support up to 5 different enhancements at the same time, allowing players to create truly unique presets.

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A whole army is behind you! Every now and then when you perform well on the battlefield, you'll get the opportunity to call for military support to help you.

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