Modern Combat 4 - Meltdown

Top iFPS Plays of the Week

xDarkAbsolute (GL LIVE: CS_Darkwolf) has been uploading the successful "Top iFPS Plays of the Week" for some time now.


Here's the gist: Players submit their gameplay videos, and each week 5 plays are selected to be highlighted. What do the top 5 players receive in return? GLORY! RECOGNITION! And lots of love from the YouTube gaming community. I strongly encourage players to submit their clips, not only to see how they stack up against others, but also to promote a sense of creativity in making trick shots.


Clips can be submitted for:
- Modern Combat 2, 3, 4
- Nova 2, 3
- Blitz Brigade


Send in your clips by either emailing them to or uploading them to YouTube and sending xDarkAbsolute the link. Clips of all types are accepted: sniper plays, badass killfeeds, no scopes, go nuts! Just don't submit staged gameplay -- no one has time for that.


Check out previous Top iFPS Plays here.


Candice Ma
Community Manager

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