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strategy guide: alert


Alert is a very unique map, with a bridge down the center that concentrates all the players into one small pathway. Normal tactics rarely work on this map, with such a small area for the two teams to converge. Instead, you must change your methods of attacking to be able to survive for more than a few kills. Here you will find some of the best tactics to survive and thrive in Alert's hostile environment.


Tactic 1: Alert was designed for long range. The moment you leave the safety of the buildings, a sniper can take you out from the other side of the bridge. So take cover often, and equip a weapon that can show those snipers you mean business. The E24 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle can be utilized at the beginning of the match, when the enemies come rushing out of their spawn. You can rack up quite a few kills this way, before the enemies realize what you're doing and find some way to counter it. If sniping is not your thing, any medium/long range weapon also works.



Tactic 2: Because of the small map size, all kinds of devices are vastly effective. C4 Explosives, Incendiary Devices, and Proximity Mines almost always grab a kill or two, while Sensors and Decoys become very valuable in the crowded areas. The trucks and containers located along the bridge provide good places to hide the devices, although it is best to hide the exploding ones near the center of the bridge to cover a larger area. Grenades are also extremely handy, as a single grenade covers a large part of the bridge. In fact, you can block off the entire bridge if needed using two well-thrown Smoke Bombs.


Tactic 3: With the right knowledge, you can get your Military Support to do half the work for you. An Auto-Turret can be hidden along the bridge, such as in the open truck, and massacre the enemies before they even see it. Airstrikes almost always catch a kill, while the Artillery almost always gets a couple. Drones can cover lots of area, and are often very useful at keeping the enemies trapped in their spawns. And, if you're skilled enough to get a Bomber, it will kill everyone on the map except for the people hiding in the buildings.




Mobility is also important on this map, as you do not want to spend much time out in the open. Use Athleticism (in the Intervention specialization) to increase your movement speed, and add attachments to your weapon that increase Mobility. Keep moving, camp if you need to, and always watch your back.
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