Modern Combat 4 - Meltdown

Anti-cheating Countermeasures

The Modern Combat 4 team has worked incredibly hard to deliver a multiplayer mode that raises the bar for first-person shooters on mobile devices. We’re certain that the MC series has accomplished this, and has set itself apart as a Triple-A series. Our job, first and foremost, is to make high-quality games that our fans will enjoy... and we take our job seriously. This is why we take anything that has the potential to ruin that gameplay experience JUST as seriously.

Trust me; We hate hackers just as much as you do. The simple fact is that true gamers get their skills from practice, hard work, and MORE practice. Watching some of your gameplay clips leaves us in utter and complete awe. It’s quite humbling to know that we’ve developed this game, but would be quite hard-pressed to stay alive in a multiplayer match with some of you players out there. I’d need several months of intense training to be able to keep up with some of you. Knowing that these very same people who have spent so much time sharpening their gaming skills can be defeated by someone who’s just downloaded a hack, we take hacking very seriously.

Multiplayer gaming is meant to be challenging; gamers pitting their skills against each other in a battle of wits, reaction time, and maybe an occasional nuke. That’s why we’re working to make sure honest players can enjoy our game the way it was meant to be played. We’ve integrated tougher safeguards and security measures. For one, the online code has been restructured to manage important information on the server side, where it is much more difficult to hack. This is one of the many measures we've taken to improve the multiplayer landscape.

We've also introduced a ‘Report Abuse’ form, which sends crucial information DIRECTLY to the Zero Hour team here in Montreal. This way, we’ll not only be able to take immediate action against hackers, but also gain crucial information on how to keep them out for good.

Modern Combat fans have submitted some pretty creative ideas on how to combat cheating. Leave some of yours in the comment section!

Esther H.M
Community Manager

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